About Us




Her inspiration:

Closing the gaps in fashion has been my inspiration from the beginning of time.

About Her:

I wear many hats, nevertheless, one thing that has always made me stand out is breaking the cycle of the misconception that “you have to be one thing “. I am an a mother of two lovely kids Julie and Jariel who are the light and the drive of my life. I am an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, warrior, and a plus size model to name a few. I am going to be the person that is going to break that mold ! 

I noticed there was a huge gap in fashion where size actually mattered and I wanted to change that immediately. Being a plus size woman my self I struggled finding fashionable clothing that made me feel confident , sexy and fabulous all at once , without breaking the bank. Our customized products have been essentially created with a purpose, a distinctive message , a VIBE, and an entire lifestyle of freedom.  

For example:

  • FKIT collection represents Free Will!  The freedom to make a choice and sticking by it and it’s affirmation. Letting things be what they will be without any regret! 

So I decided to break that mold of size and make it my own! The Mayimba Empire Brand is your one stop shop!  From clothing , shoes, accessories and many more household products. We are not only chic but we are also affordable!